Friday, October 23, 2009

A White Wedding

Kids are funny. Our kids (when they're not trying to drive their parents crazy) are down right hilarious. Sometimes it's on purpose, but most of the time it's the things they say when they are trying to be serious that cracks me up the most.

Spike has tried to convince me for over two years now that the third Mummy movie is better than The Dark Knight. This, in itself, is not funny (the child is gravely mistaken), but it's the serious look he gives me that makes me laugh. Tonight I read a story to him when he went to bed and when I finished we chatted for a few minutes. We got talking about superheroes (go figure) and he asked if the knew Iron Man movie was coming out soon. When I told him it would be next year he was excited but reminded me that it wouldn't be as good as the third Mummy movie. When I told him that it would be a lot better he patted my hand, looked me in the eyes with the wisdom of a grandfather and replied. "You'll understand someday."

Several months ago Willow and I were having one of our late night Father/Daughter chats. I wasn't feeling that well, my stomach was bothering me, and I jokingly said that I probably had dysentery. With a serious face she replied that she wouldn't be surprised if she had that as well. I asked her why she thought she would have that. Her reply. "You see how much sugar I eat in a day." I was confused for a moment then started laughing. "You mean Diabetes?" I asked her. Her face got as red as her hair when she realized the faux paux. I promised her I wouldn't tell anyone. Oops.

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a new pair of glasses. They are the thicker frames, square, and black. Personally I'm still on the fence on if I like them on me or not, but I've received some great feedback from everyone where I work. Tonight Chandler and our boys went out to dinner and I asked Angel why he didn't care for them. He informed me that they made me look like Leonard from The Big Bang Theory. "Except he doesn't have a beard." Did he stop there as he studied my face with a serious expression? Nope! "And he has hair on his head." Then he went back to eating. That one I found funny, yet still wanted to throw my enchilada at him.

My favorite so far, though, came from Buffy. Her and I were in the car two weeks ago and I was playing my Billy Joel CD. "My Life" came on and she said she knew that song, then asked me who the singer was. When I told her his name she replied. "I really like him."

"You do?" I asked in shock. You see, Buffy is our resident rocker. Everything from AC/DC and Van Halen to Green Day. So I was really impressed with this news. I always tell my kids that they should appreciate a variety of music.

"Yeah, but I like his faster songs more. My favorite is "White Wedding.""

"That's Billy Idol." I replied, stifling an out and out laugh.

She grinned next to me. "Oh. Yeah, I like him. I don't think I like this guy that much."

Bill Cosby said it best: Kids say the darnedest things!

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