Monday, August 10, 2009

The Captain's Chair.

This last Sunday Chandler, Laverne, Shirley and I decided to have a parents day. We took Buffy, Angel, and Spike over to Chandler's family to spend the night with their cousins while we headed up to Detroit for the afternoon.

First stop was the Detroit Science Center where we got tickets to the Star Trek exhibit that they have going on. It was a lot of fun and they actually had a full scale replica of the original bridge to the Enterprise. I can't deny that I was in total geek heaven when I took the two steps up the platform and sat myself in the Captain's Chair; also got a real thrill sitting at the Helm as well. But the best view had to have been at the view screen looking towards the bridge, seeing the whole thing right there in front of me. I told Chandler I wanted one of these for our new house that we are building. I don't think it's going to happen, but wow could the kids and I have fun with something like that!

Part of the package that we bought was a chance to watch the new Star Trek movie on their IMAX screen. So we went into the theater expecting a large screen, but I don't think none of us were prepared for the dome shaped screen that was facing us. The chairs reclined way back, which was good for viewing, horrible for my back. The air conditioning was blasting away and although the exterior shots of the Enterprise and any planet terrain was awesome, the constant quick action of the camera's during the battle scene's made everything out of focus and rather nauseating.

I couldn't help but laugh, though. Here we were, the four of us who have spent the last 12 to 20 years together; who have stayed up all night and partied hardy when we were younger, were now sitting there like four old people.

"It's too cold in here." Chandler would hiss to my right.

"This chair is killing my back." I hissed back.

"The movie is making me sick to my stomach." Laverne moaned to my left.

We really aren't as young as we used to be. Then after the movie we headed into Greektown for some excellent Chicago style pizza and a trip to the ice cream parlor before heading home. Both of which were excellent.

All in all, it was a great day and one that I think I needed. Going from day to day we tend to lose ourselves in our children, our work, our responsibilities; so having some time like this reminded me of the bond that we've all forged and how important that bond is.

I do have one regret, though. I wish we had had the kids there so we could have taken a picture of the entire family on the bridge of the Enterprise. What a great photo that would have been. Of course since I'm the oldest member of this clan, I claim the Captain's Chair.


  1. It was a great day and I'm glad we got to share it with you two

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