Friday, September 4, 2009

Cat Splash Fever

We love animals in our family. Chandler and I have two dogs (Cassie and Xander), two kittens (Floyd and Jack) and two turtles (Franklin and Whistle). The turtles are actually Angels and stay here at his dad's house. The kittens are our newest addition to the family. We got them when they were six weeks old and they are brothers. They come from Chandler's sisters house. Her family lives out in the country and have several cats that live in the yard and garage, so kittens tend to happen quite a bit out there.

I wasn't sure if I would ever want a cat in the house again. When Chandler and I moved in together I had a beautiful long haired white cat named Chi-Chi. I got her when she was just under a year old and I was with my ex. Actually it was Shirley and a mutual friend of ours who found her and pointed me in her direction. Chi-Chi lived to be about twenty years old. There were many, many nights when I was on my own for the first time that she was the only other living being in the apartment with me. She was my faithful companion (or familiar I suppose) and when we had to put her to sleep it was one of the hardest things I ever had to do.

It took two years before I finally decided to take the plunge again, but this time Chandler and I decided to get two kittens so that they would have each other to play with. This has turned out to be a blessing... and a nightmare.

Kittens are crazy creatures. Incredibly curious and unafraid; but still hilariously skittish. Nothing is funnier than watching a startled cat suddenly jump completely in the air.

Now if only I can convince them that taking a bath with me is not a normal part of life. I love to soak in a hot bath in the evenings with a book, magazine, graphic novel, or usually one of my many comics that I read. Since Jack and Floyd have shown up I've had to skip the paper material because I don't want the stuff to get wet. You see, they love to prowl around the sides of our sunken in tub. Now that alone is okay, except they are still kittens so their balance is not what it should be yet.

Twice now Jack, while purring away, has slipped and fallen into the tub. It's kind of funny so see him scrambling to get out while his back legs keep slipping and he keeps falling back in. You'd think after the first time it would have put him off tub hoping, but he keeps coming back for more.

Floyd is even stranger with water. He climbs on the top of the tub, onto my shoulder and down my chest to sit on my stomach; then leans over and drinks the water. Actually I thought this was mind blowing and kind of cute until it dawned on me that if Floyd got too wet or freaked out, not only could I be in trouble, but the most important part of me could be in some serious trouble as well! So I put a stop to that rather quickly. No way I wanted to explain that kind of injury to an emergency room doctor.

Honestly, I thought cats were afraid of water. I'm not sure why these two are so into taking baths with me? Perhaps in a past life they were a pair of catfish?


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  2. Very cute. Let me know if you'd like a cute bunny or a sedate snake to add to your pet city!! :D